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DCBB Art Fill: Charlie

Here's the art for Charlie!

I had a lot of fun making this and it was such a great fluffy/angsty story and it ended so well. Thanks again to a-dusky-gold for letting me work with her on this! It was awesome.^^


DCBB Art Fill: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Here's the pics for winchesterpooja's Kiss Me, Kill Me!
Don't look until you've read it all!


Fallen Prince

It was actually meant for me to practice making marble tiles. I think I somewhat succeeded.


DCBB: And Trickster Makes Three

Here's the art for otp-destiel's And Trickster Makes Three. It was awesome working with her, and I hope you like the fic as much as I did.^^

Click for larger image

Line Breaks

Here's the art for Riwanon's What to Expect When You Didn't Expect Anything. It was awesome working with her.^^

Click for larger image

title jpeg

dean cas school jpg

dean cas sam couchjepeg

dean cas bench jpeg

Line Breaks

pacifier line break jpeg
map jpe
line break phone jpg1
line break books jpg
head phones line break png

DCBB: Love and Freindship

Hey guys! Here's the pics for the DCMB fic Love and Freindship. I had a blast working with Undersail on this minibang, and I hope you guys enjoyed the fic as much as I did. ^^

Click for larger images

title jpeg

dc mb dean cas ballroom jpeg

dc mb dean cas garden1 jepeg

Line Breaks

line break jpeg

line break2

line break3 jpeg

line break4 jpeg

line break5 jpeg